Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is one of the most love-filled, celebrated holidays each year and definitely one of our favorites at Ella’s Kitchen®. Love is what gave us our start and is what continues to inspire us each day. And if you’re anything like us, as much as you might enjoy Valentine’s Day, you probably don’t need a reminder to tell your little one how much you love them. From providing quality meals, to indulging in hour-long play sessions and bubbly bath times, you show and tell your kiddo that you’re head over heels for them every day!

But if you’re looking to surprise your little one with some extra special fun this Valentine’s Day, we’re here to help!

1. Valentines for one and all! As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, why not put your coloring skills to good use. We’ve designed a beautiful valentine for you, your child and everyone in between!


Once you’ve printed it out, make sure your red and pink crayons are extra sharp and let your little one color away! Then share with friends and family. We’d recommend having a camera handy because these works of art, along with the smiles they’ll bring, beg to be included in your family photo album!

  • There is always room for a sweet treat on a special occasion like Valentine’s Day. But an Ella’s Red One Pouch can be a perfect Valentine’s Day treat! Formulated with organic grapes, apples, bananas for tiny tummies at home, in daycare, or on the road. Remember when it comes to sharing – the more the merrier!

    1. Why not cook up some love in the kitchen? If your little one is itching for a treat, there are plenty of happy, wholesome and yummy recipes, in Ella’s Kitchen’s cookbooks. Or visit our website to see our Recipe of The Month and try it out!


    At Ella’s, we know that love is what makes the world go around. Thanks for bringing us into your hearts and homes each day. This Valentine’s Day, as you scribble, bake and more we just have one question for you: Will you be our valentine?