Tiny Taste Bud Tips from Dr. Deena!

Tiny Taste Bud Tips

We are super happy to have the incredible Dr. Deena from New York City’s Premier Pediatrics, as our pediatric expert for Ella’s Kitchen®! A mommy herself, Dr. Deena provides helpful advice for parents of little’s ones based on her own parenting experience!

All summer long, we’ll be sharing her helpful nutritional tips for families + little ones. Feel free to share your own tiny taste bud tips, photographs of the journey and other questions you’d like Dr. Deena to answer on our Facebook page!

I spy, with my little eye, something in the grocery store!

Grocery shopping is a very important necessity, but at times it can with little ones in tow! Help turn grocery shopping into an exciting experience for both you and your little one by playing a game! Games like ‘I Spy’ are fun ways to get your little one’s five senses engaged during grocery shopping, while familiarizing them with fresh fruits + veg of all different colors, shapes, and sizes! We believe that engaging the five senses is key in developing healthy eating habits to last a lifetime!

Shopping with a toddler? Once you and your little one have spied the fruit or veg, let them pick out an extra yummy looking one to put in the cart. This helps to further excite them about the tiny taste bud journey!

If you want your children to grow up to be healthier eaters, be a good role model! By offering variety and being open to trying new things, you model to your children that this is good eating behavior that makes nutritional sense :D