Three Cheers for New Year’s!

Baby New Year isn’t the only little one celebrating on New Years Eve (NYE)! Here at Ella’s Kitchen® we love ringing in the New Year! While your child may be too young to celebrate with the adults, they’re not too little to don a party hat and have some fun! If you’re wondering how you and your toddler can start off 2015 together, let us help you.

1. Have a sleepover party with your stuffed animal friends! Gather some pillows and blankets for an authentic sleepover feeling. Put together some healthy snacks, books and toys. Your child will love the break in their normal bedtime routine and the assembled group of “friends” will make memories that last for years to come!


2. Start a rock ‘n roll band! Singing and dancing are two of the most fun things to do on New Years Eve. While your little one may be too young to strum an electric guitar, that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend! Use an empty box of Nibbly Fingers, a few rubber bands, and some markers to make a guitar that will strum you into the New Year! Let your child be the guitarist while you belt out tunes. Or maybe in your rock band, everybody sings, plays guitar and dances. Whatever the combination, rock around the clock with Ella’s! For full directions, head here! http://


3. Get a good night’s sleep. Not every New Years Eve is meant to last until midnight. If you’re too sleepy to make it to New Years, try celebrating the New Year on New Years Day instead. You and your little one will be well rested for a fun filled day of music, silly games, and tasty treats! Can you think of a better way to ring in the New Year than on January 1?