Sweet, Sweet Potatoes!

Sweet potatoes are oh so naturally sweet and full goodness for little ones! The sweet potato is a favorite among many, including our first president, George Washington! He grew a bunch of sweet potatoes on his farm once upon a time in Virginia! And while some may confuse sweet potatoes for yams, they are actually two completely different veg!

Since 750 BC, this delightfully sweet veg has been bursting with beta-carotene, most commonly known as Vitamin A, an antioxidant vitamin to support little one’s healthy eyes! Vitamin A is also an essential vitamin that helps keep little immune systems happy + healthy!
(Source: http://www.earthsbest.com/resources/articles/infants/importance-vitamin-a)

Sweet potatoes are also full of Vitamin C! This vitamin is an essential nutrient for little one who wants to grow big + strong! Vitamin C helps to support and keep healthy skin and red blood cells
(Source: http://www.earthsbest.com/resources/articles/infants/importance-vitamin%20c)

Looking for Ella’s Kitchen® products made with sweet potatoes? Here they are!

Let’s Eat!

If you’ve already consulted your pediatrician, and your little one is ready to start our yummy Ella’s 1 Fruit + Veggies pouches, give our deeelicous Apples sweet potatoes pumpkin + blueberries a try! It’s a scrumptious puree of sweet potato with apples, blueberries and pumpkin! A yummy mix of tastes for your little one to enjoy!


EK Apple Swt Pot Pumpkin pouch









Serving size one portion 3.5oz (99g)

Looking for other sweet potato products? Our Very very tasty Vegetable Bake with lentils is a certified USDA organic blend of yummy flavors and new textures, including organic sweet potatoes, for little eaters to explore!










Serving size one portion 4.5oz (127g)

Big smiles Cheesy Potatoes with veggies is another yummy scrummy pouch for little ones 7 months+ to enjoy! It’s a wonderful mix of mashed potatoes, veggies and cheese for growing little ones!













Has your little one tried any of the above? Which ones?