Summer Smoothie Push Pops!

Popsicles or push pops can be a yummy snack to help cool down from the summer sun! Many of the frozen refreshers made for kids have more sugar in them than we would like. Here’s an idea! Head to the juice aisle to pick our yummy and healthy new Smoothie Drinks and make your own freeze pops! Made with fruit + veg purees these drinks have 9g of sugar or less (that’s less than 4% of its total contents!). They’re not from concentrate and contain no added flavors, refined sugars, colors or preservatives, making them a healthier treat solution to a normally sugar filled freeze pop!

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Summer Smoothie Push Pops!
(Makes 2 Push Pops)

What you’ll need:
– 2 of your little one’s favorite Ella’s Kitchen® Smoothie Drink flavors
– Scissors (this is for mommies or daddies to handle only!!!)
– Plate
– Freezer access

1. Place Ella’s Kitchen® Smoothie Drinks standing upright on plate and freeze for about 4 hours
2. Take out Smoothie Drinks once frozen and place on counter or table
3. For mommies or daddies ONLY!
Cut off the top half packaging of frozen Smoothie Drink and slide off
4. Wrap bottom half with a paper towel if it’s too chilly for little hands
5. Enjoy!