Springtime Activities

Did you hear? Spring is almost here! We at Ella’s Kitchen® couldn’t be more excited! We’ve had a lot of fun snuggling this winter, and we’re sure you and your little one feel the same, but we’re ready for some warm sunshine and outside playtime, what do you think?

Spring is a season that’s full of fun: sun, flowers, playgrounds, friends, gardens and more! Need a little inspiration to get you and your little one back in the swing of things post-winter? No problem! We’ve got you covered at Ella’s Kitchen®. So crawl out from under those blankets and have some fun with us!

Ella’s Kitchen® Springtime Activities!






1) Recycle and Plant!

Is your recycling bin filled to the brim with empty Ella’s® pouches and plastic tops? Ours, too! Luckily we came up with a great way to give new life to old packaging. By following these simple steps you can give your Ella’s® pouches new wings:

While your little one watches, parents are to cut off the top of the pouch (including the part where the cap is), making sure there are no sharp edges
Clean out your old Ella’s® pouch washing with soap and water thoroughly
Push out the edges of the pouch to make room in the middle, like a cup or bowl
Fill the pouch with dirt, seeds, and water your plant then, watch it grow with your little one
If your little one likes this activity, you can plant a whole garden of Ella’s pouch planters and watch it grow all season long!

2) D-I-Y floral bouquet!

Flowers are fun and fragrant for the whole family. If you’re itching to get outside after a long winter, why not explore your neighborhood with your toddler and make your very own floral bouquet! Reds, oranges, purples and yellows – the colors of the rainbow can be in your toddler’s hands and on your table after a successful walk around the park. Your little one will love carrying the blooms, cutting the stems, filling a vase (leave this step to mommies + daddies!) with water and arranging their collection of flowers for everyone to admire.

3) Bubble Blowing Bonanza!

Never underestimate the hours of fun that can be spent blowing bubbles. Whether you want to experiment and make your own bubble formula (dish soap and water will usually do the trick), or if you have bottles of bubbles tucked away for future use, you and your child will be sure to have a great time blowing bubbles outside after a long winter of indoor play. Try blowing a bubble on the pavement and measuring its diameter after it pops. Or if you’re feeling up for the challenge, you can have a mega bubble-blowing contest. Who will be the winner? Share your photos with us on Facebook, Twitter or Pintrest for a chance to win a box filled with our new toddler snacks! !