Sniffle Season Check List

Brrrrr. That chill in the air can only mean one thing. Sniffle is here! We know just how uncomfortable runny noses and yucky coughs can be and how important it is to stock up on the essentials to help arm you + your little one. Need a little help making your checklist?EK_Jan15_FB_ICEDMEDIA-11

Soft tissues, a cozy blankie, a cuddly teddy, and lots of hugs + kisses are all needed, but to if you’re looking to help rehydrate your little one and replenish lost electrolytes have our new Organic coconut water electrolyte* drinks handy (ages 1 year+)! Made with organic coconut water, fruit purees with a dash of agave and sea salt so little ones can rehydrate without added artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Our ingredients contain naturally occurring electrolytes* to help replenish lost nutrients. Each 4 fl oz serving includes *electrolytes- 170mg chloride, 110mg potassium and 120mg of potassium. Moms + dads can feel good knowing they have no preservatives or thickeners, artificial flavors or colors, and no GMOs! Just natural + yummy ingredients in two deeelicous flavors! Pears + Berries and Banana + Ginger!

Tell us what other items you keep on hand during sniffle season for a chance to win a prize pack from Ella’s Kitchen®!

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