When to sip, slurp, munch + crunch

Introducing new tastes + textures is exciting, especially when those new tastes are solids! Most little ones are ready to start solids around four or six months. Some may be ready for solids earlier and take to it quickly; some may start later and take longer.

How do you know if your little one is ready to take the big step onto solid foods?

  • They can sit up all by their selves
  • They reach for foods that others are munching on
  • They want to chew + put their favorite toys in their month

Whichever the case, it’s important to remember that every little one is different! Always consult with your pediatrician before hand :D

My little one is ready! Now what?

It all starts with the very Ella’s® 1 Baby Cereal and First Tastes, super-smooth fruit + veg puree and, from 6 months, discovering dairy.

While introducing new exciting tastes…

  • Choose mealtimes when your baby is alert + relaxed
  • Try to make sure you leave plenty of time to give it a go and enjoy those first few mouthfuls!
  • Encourage your little one to sit up and face you, to make it easier for them to learn their new trick of moving solid food from the front to the back of their tongue and to swallow it all up! It also means they can enjoy your funny faces!
  • Start with just a few teaspoons of food once a day, or a little more if he or she is still hungry – they’ll let you know! Build up to 3 feeds every day, serving up different yummy foods at each mealtime to make sure your little one has a great variety of flavors to explore
  • Introduce 1 ingredient at a time! That way you can see what your baby likes best and discover any adverse reactions
  • Make sure your baby’s food is not too hot! Always stir and test the temperature of your baby’s food to protect those little taste buds.
  • Include lots of silly rhymes + noises as the spoon goes in, and big, smiley faces!
  • Playing with food is a good thing! Encourage your baby to get involved and have fun exploring + touching the food. You can do this too! Soon they will enjoy feeding themselves with those tiny fingers
  • As soon as your baby can hold a spoon, place one in their little mitt and let them have a go!
  • Baby knows best. Most babies know when they’ve had enough to eat. If they don’t seem to want any, just wait and try again later. No rush!
  • Let your baby join in at family mealtimes; they will learn by watching others

If more food ends up on the floor, than your little one’s tummy, don’t worry! When first introducing solids, your baby will still be filling up on their usual breast milk or formula.

What’s great to try + what’s best to avoid?

Get them started with super-smooth

  • Baby rice
  • Vegetable or fruit puree
  • Baby cereal

In the coming months, try adding in

  • Yogurt
  • Cottage cheese
  • Soft cheeses

Pop our handy chart on your fridge, so you know when it’s good to introduce these exciting new tastes + textures!