P E A R S Pears, Pears, Pears!

P E A R S Pears, Pears, Pears!

What fruit grows on a tree, has a unique shape, and sweet flavor? It’s a pear! And while rose are red, violets are blue, pears trees are considered a part of the rose family, who knew?

This curvy and crisp fruit plays a very important role in many ancient cultures like the Greek and Chinese! According to Greek and Roman mythology, pears a very sacred fruit to the beautiful goddesses, Hera, Aphrodite, and Pomona! Pear trees can also live for up to 40 years! Ancient Chinese cultures believe this to be a sign and symbol of immortality and timelessness for the yummy fruit.

With other 3,000 different kinds of pears, there’s a pear for every taste bud! Not only do we love pears because they taste great, we also love them because they provide additional Vitamin C and dietary fiber to help to keep little eater’s cheery! Here are all the deeelicious flavors from Ella’s Kitchen® that are made with pears!

It’s a perfect time for pears!

Ella’s Kitchen®’s Pears, pears, pears has only one ingredient, pears! No added sugar, no gelatin, no added water! Once you’ve consulted with your pediatrician, this yummy flavor is a perfect first food for new eaters!

Serving size one portion 2.5oz (70g)

If your little one is ready to explore more fun flavors, give our Pears apple + baby rice a go! Made with certified USDA organic pears, apples and groundbrown rice cereal, this Fruit + Baby Rice helps keep you little one going all day long!

Serving size one portion 3.5oz (99g)

Mmm, mmm! Pears peas + broccoli is a true fan favorite! It’s a deeelicious mix of pear, pea, and broccoli puree with a hint of lemon juice to balance the acidity of a recipe for the flavor that you expect! Plus, it’s certified USDA organic!

Serving size one portion 3.5oz (99g)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Help fuel your little one’s growing body for the day with our Pear + blueberry baby brekkie as part of a complete breakfast! A yummy mix of pear and blueberry yogurt and groundbrown rice for little tummies ages 6 months+!

Serving size one portion 3.5oz (99g)

Pears, mangoes + papayas is a perfectly pureed mix of pear, mango and papaya for little ones ages 4 months+! This tropical flavor contains Vitamin A and C for healthy goodness on-the-go!

Serving size one portion 3.5oz (99g)

Worried your picky eater isn’t getting enough nutrients? Our NEW Coconut + milk nutritional shake with broccoli plums + pears can be a helpful solution! This yummy shake provides 44% Daily Value of protein and 30% Daily Value of calcium per 8 fl oz serving and is a source of vitamin12 and riboflavin and an excellent source of Iodine.*.

Serving Size 1 cup (235ml)

Coconut water electrolyte* drink with pears + berries is a yummy rehydration drink to help replenish lost nutrients! It has naturally occurring electrolytes,* such as: 170mg chloride, 110mg potassium and 120mg sodium per 4 fl oz serving, all to help naturally prevent dehydration. Organic, of course ?

Serving Size 1 pouch (190g)