What drives us?

Our mission is to develop healthy eating habits that last a lifetime by offering a range of tasty, natural and healthy certified USDA organic foods for babies and kids, which are handy for moms + dads and fun for little ones.

Because we want our food to be as good as homemade:

  • We don’t add extra salt or sugars
  • We don’t use additives, or bulk up products with added water
  • We only use organic ingredients. We don’t use Genetically Modified (GM) ingredients
  • We use fruit and vegetable purees, avoiding concentrates

Because we want to make life a little easier for parents:

  • Our labelling gives clear guidance for nutritional needs at every stage of your baby’s development
  • We offer a wide range of foods in handy packs
  • We believe weaning should be a fun experience, not a scary one, for parents + little ones

Because we know a love of good food is created by mealtimes that are tasty and fun:

  • We’ve made the tiny taste bud journey fun to explore through different flavor combinations
  • Our bright, shiny and sometimes squidgy packaging is designed to stimulate all the senses