Our research

Our research shows if little ones explore food with all their senses outside of mealtimes, they’ll be more likely to eat their greens! Read all about it below.


What we found out

At Ella’s Kitchen®, we believe that little ones’ 5 senses are key in developing healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.We really wanted to explore this idea, so we made friends with the University of Reading, giving us the chance to investigate further with some of the country’s leading academics. We part-funded innovative research into how children interact with food using all their senses.

It can take 10-15 attempts before a little one will try a new food, so we’ve been exploring how we can make that easier for parents by getting little ones to want to try new foods.

Our research has shown that by exploring new veggies with all their senses outside of mealtimes, little ones are more likely to eat their greens. Yum!

We’ve always thought food should be fun for little ones and we know how stressful mealtimes can be. So to make mealtimes fun you can try putting our research findings into practice at home. Have a peek at the fun sensorial activities and Tasty Tunes we’ve created, and download them here to get your little one’s taste buds tingling.