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  • Springtime Activities

    Did you hear? Spring is almost here! We at Ella’s Kitchen® couldn’t be more excited! We’ve had a lot of fun snuggling this winter, and we’re sure you and your little one feel the same, but we’re ready for some warm sunshine and outside playtime, what do you think? Spring is a season that’s full …Read More

  • Ingredient: Carrot

    What’s orange, grows out of the ground and is a favorite veg of hippity hoppity bunnies all over? It’s a carrot! Bunny rabbits aren’t the only eaters of this orange colored veg though; it’s a homegrown garden food that’s been enjoyed by millions of people (little + big) all over the world! What’s so great …Read More

  • LEEKS are what we’re SEEKing!

    The tasty leek, a relative of onion and garlic, is one of our favorite ingredients here at Ella’s Kitchen®! This long, green veg has been around for centuries and is considered to be a super important symbol for our friends across the ocean, Wales! According to Wales and UK legend, the King of Wales and …Read More

  • Sweet, Sweet Potatoes!

    Sweet potatoes are oh so naturally sweet and full goodness for little ones! The sweet potato is a favorite among many, including our first president, George Washington! He grew a bunch of sweet potatoes on his farm once upon a time in Virginia! And while some may confuse sweet potatoes for yams, they are actually …Read More