Float Your Boat

Sail away into the wild blue yonder + make mealtime fun with this tiny taste bud adventure!

  • Step 1:
    You will need a clean, empty Ella’s Kitchen® pouch with the top cut off, scissors, tape and a toothpick
  • Step 2:
    Cut across the pouch about 1 ¼” – 1 ½” up from the bottom of the pouch. Then cut off the corners. Just be careful not to cut past the sealed part of the pouch. You may want to round the edges a little to keep it safe for little fingers!
  • Step 3:
    Pull apart to create a self-standing Ella’s® sailboat that floats in water! Optional: cut a flag from the top of the pouch, thread onto a toothpick and tape this to the inside of the boat
  • Step 4:
    Fill with yummy snacks and enjoy! Or make a fleet for bath time fun!