Ella’s Winter Wonderland!

The weather outside may be chilly, but that doesn’t mean winter can’t be warm, bright, + full of fun for you and your family! With a little help from the Ella’s Kitchen® brand you and your little one can have tons of fun this winter!
1. Build a snowman! A snowy day doesn’t have to be gray. Bundle up your little one and head outside for a snowman-building adventure. After you’ve gathered your snow and made your snowman’s body, give him a little personality with empty Ella’s Kitchen® pouches. The caps can be used for your snowman’s eyes, nose, mouth and accessories! And what about the pouches themselves? Those can be used as funny hats or even be placed in your snowman’s twig hand incase he gets hungry! To help keep our planet clean, remember to pick up the packaging when the snow melts!

2. Build a home away from home – a fort! If your home is anything like the Ella’s Kitchen® office, then it’s full of snuggly blankets, pillows and stuffed animals. And if your child is anything like Ella, then they probably don’t like sitting still for too long. So why not use these comfy items and your little one’s energy to build a magical fort? While we have our own opinions when it comes to fort building, we’ve found that it’s best to use your imagination. Maybe your fort will have a foundation of pillows and a roof made of blankets? Or maybe you have building blocks that can be used for walls and sheets that can be hung to divide the fort’s rooms? Whatever your preference, once you’re fort is settled let your Ella’s pouches be the decorations. Maybe a pouch garland to line the doorway strikes your fancy. Or maybe pirates inhabit your fort and you can use empty pouches as flags to hang from the roof!

3. Cook something up! If you and your child are stuck inside, why not make the most of your time together? Ella’s Kitchen® has two fun cookbooks that are chock full of recipes for the whole family. Put on your chefs hats and make veggie biscuits from The Big Baking Book or maybe try cheeky chicken, leek and corn soup from The Cook Book. Whatever you choose, your bellies will be full and your mouths will be happy!