Celebrate Earth Day With Ella’s Kitchen®

The Earth is our best friend at the Ella’s Kitchen® brand because that’s where all of our yummy ingredients come from! Leeks, strawberries, potatoes, beets, carrots – without fertile soil, a little bit of sunshine and some TLC, these tasty treats wouldn’t be able to grow and to help fill your little one’s tiny tummies! That’s why we love April so much, because in April we get to celebrate one of our favorite holidays: Earth Day!

Because at Ella’s® we’re among Mother Earth’s biggest fans, we want to be good to our planet. That’s why we’ve partnered with TerraCycle® to create the Baby Food Pouch Brigade! The Baby Food Pouch Brigade, in addition to possibly being the name of your baby’s first rock band, is a fun recycling program for baby food pouches and caps. Worried about your recycling bin overflowing because of all the empty Ella’s® pouches and inside? Worry no more! Visit our website to find out how you can help and put the contents of your recycling bin to good use.

Looking for more Earth Day fun? We’ve got you covered with our Earth Day Activities Guide Below.

1) Earth Day Picnic. What better way is there to celebrate Earth Day than by being outside? Grab some new Ella’s Kitchen® toddler snacks pouches, your best picnic blanket and toddler’s favorite stuffed animal and make for the great outdoors! Yummy foods, good company and a little patch of grass are all that you need to make Earth Day a true delight!

2) Earth Day Wreath. We’ve got a great idea for a fun Earth Day craft activity you and your child will both love! An Earth Day Wreath made of blue and green Ella’s® pouch caps will be the perfect addition to your child’s bedroom door (or, if you’re feeling very bold, the front door of your home!). Just imagine the fun you and your child will have making it together! All you need are blue and green Ella’s® caps (the exact number is up to you, your little one and their imagination!), some string, ribbon if you’re feeling really creative, and a little bit of patience. Always remember, supervision is needed for this fun activity! Share your pictures on our Facebook page and show us how your out-of-this-world wreaths turn out!

3) Bursting Blueberry Popovers. Why not celebrate the blues of the Earth’s ocean this Earth Day by making Ella’s® Bursting Blueberry Popovers? You can find the recipe in our Yellow One Baking Book, available at Walmart. Designed to make baking tasty treats easy as pie, The Big Baking Book is full of yum-tastic recipes for your family to try. When you’ve finished baking, try taking your treats to your friends at the playground for them to enjoy on this beautiful Earth Day! Or, if you’re not in the sharing mood, you and your little one can indulge on your own on a picnic blanket under the sun and clouds.

4) Go Hug A Tree! Well, maybe we’re kidding or maybe we’re not. But when your toddler encircles the acorn tree in your backyard for a hug, we just hope you have your camera ready.

Share with us what you’re Earth Day plans are on our Facebook page! We may feature it on our wall!