Breakfast basics: tips to get your little ones to eat the most important meal of the day!

Baby Breakfast

You’ve heard it said before and you probably say it to your own kids, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should include foods from the 5 food groups. By starting the day off right on a daily basis you can create healthy lifetime habits. Here are some tips to help your little one look forward to breakfast!

  1. Save some time and prepare the night before: It can be hard to prepare breakfast in the morning with kids and parents often rushing to get out the door. Take the pressure off yourself and your little one in the morning by starting to prep for breakfast the night before: thoroughly wash and drain fruit, portion out hot cereal, etc.
  2. Make it fun: Your child may turn their nose up at the same bowl of oatmeal so look for ways to make it fun. Turn whole grain oatmeal into a friendly face by using fruits for the eyes and nose. You can give your child an Ella’s Kitchen® pouch to “decorate” their oatmeal. Use the pouch to create the mouth and hair and anything else your child may want to add. This way your little one gets the whole grains of oatmeal and the added benefits of anti-oxidants, vitamins A and C found in fruits and veggies.
  3. Get creative: Looking for ways to add fruits and veggies to breakfast? Add blueberries to pancakes or spinach to scrambled eggs as part of a complete breakfast. Make this even more fun by using cookie cutters to make pancakes in different shapes. You can squeeze and stir in Ella’s Kitchen ® pouches into many recipes, helping add real fruits and veggies. The Ella’s Kitchen® Big Red Cookbook and First Tastes Cookbooks all offer fun recipe ideas the whole family can healthfully enjoy!
  4. Have grab and go options on hand: We know that some mornings are really hectic and you are crunched for time. Having nutritious “on-the-go” options is important as well. Create or buy smoothies for your child. Put some whole grain cereal in a bag and add fruit to it. Check out our oatmeal on the go recipe for a tasty and nutritious make-ahead breakfast.
  5. Be a role model: If your little ones see you eating breakfast, they are more likely to eat breakfast too! Even if it’s a quick bowl of cereal or a yogurt with fruit as part of a complete breakfast, try and find ways to show that you also feel it is an important meal. And even if it is tough to sit down together during the week, weekend mornings are perfect time for a family breakfast. Mealtime, whether home or out and about, is fun and social for little ones so enjoy and chose healthy options wherever you are!