All About Aloe!

What’s bright green, grows from the ground, and is filled with cooling gel? If you guessed Aloe vera, you’re correct! The Aloe vera plant is a succulent plant, as it’s leaves hold lots of water. It is also known to be one of the oldest mentioned plants used in herbal medicine. Some even say that Cleopatra and Alexander the Great used Aloe vera because of its many benefits- especially it’s hydrating properties.


Many are familiar with this thick leaved plant for it’s use of the clear gel found inside its leaves. When applied to the skin, this gel has been known to help soothe dry, irritated, sun damaged skin and more!


While we love aloe vera’s gel for its soothing properties, we especially love its juice for what it can do for hydration.

So what exactly are the benefits of drinking aloe vera juice? For one thing, it’s hydrating! Aloe Vera juice has also been known to help support a happy + healthy immune system!


Now that you know all about aloe, get ready! We have some exciting new products that are made with organic aloe vera juice from Ella’s Kitchen coming your way! Ella’s Kitchen® Juice blend drink with hydrating aloe not from concentrate comes in two delicious varieties: strawberry lemonade and blueberry apple. Be on the look out for these new drinks next month!